Monday, January 28, 2008

We Walk Into Ash And Sneak Out The Fire

It's been long, now.

I'm listening to "Jitterbug Boy,"
"resting on my laurels
and my hardys, too,"
but mostly chilling on one of my
final lunch breaks for this era.

I put in for the last time in this town.
Three jobs, two companies, all the hope--
just gotta hope.

If the price is even close to right. . .
you know how that goes.

Got a couple things coming soon.

Otherwise, I've decided to wait until
everything (mss) is either back in my hands
or I know it's time to move on.

Then, I'm going to do one big-ole
revision job.

And actually type them up
for ones that I'm always passing over
due to my stupid

I'm pushing for May.

I'm recovering nicely from the minor surgery,
the bill on the other hand. . .
but I know I'm going to have to get
the oil changed soon.

A man can't have his veins
leaping out of his tail
and expect to be around
much longer.

One day, I'll rub it wrong in my slumber,
the sweet spray of iron unfelt,
warming the nestled flesh,
and then I guess we'll see if I made that shortlist
after all.

Big Brother is calling me to the time-clock.

Sooner, folks.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What kinda rivaboat ride wuz dat?

More soon...

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