Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Pt. 3

And this one:

Which is old, very old, but since it's horror related, and since horror and Halloween and fun seem so fine together, I figured why not.

Halloween Pt. 2

I didn't find anything too creepy, but here is something very interesting:

Halloween Pt. 1

Hurt my back today.
Not doing much now.
Might watch some movies.
Will be watching Pushing Daisies in a few.
Might write some poems before and during
Art Bell's Ghost to Ghost tonight on Coast to Coast.
I thought George would've had something better last night,
but his guest was boring as hell.

Anyway, not much new to say.
Or write.

Tomorrow's review will actually not be
The Changeling (possibly next week),
but it will be a special heart warmer of a flick.

Trick or Treat and all that jazz.

I didn't even do a pumpkin this year.
Maybe in the next few years.
Tried to find some scary shit to post.
Except for the video on Friday,
I haven't seen any shit worth a cuss.

Oh, well.

Happy Halloween.

Cheers to you, lone regular reader who never whispers a peep.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

There's Still Time Before Halloween To Shop & Sexy Save!


Mildly Amusing and NSFW:

The Changeling and Updates

I recommend this movie for Halloween. It's PG, has frights, good acting, good tension. Perfect for the entire family and will leave a few goosebumps if you aren't a stubborn or immature little a-hole who mocks anything A) old, B) supernatural, and C) bloodless frights. I live for gore, but this movie tickled my balls when I saw it years ago. Very good stuff from George C. Scott.

I'm gonna watch it later tonight, might review it for Halloween this week.

Might just crank up the DVD player and watch a whole, whole, whole bunch of stuff. Gritty and bleak and violently spooky. None of this torture porn for the sake of torture porn.

Might have to break out the compelling Audition again (sorta contradicting, but not with my take). Write my take on that film and you'll see why.

The screenplay is pretty much rolling right now. It's a first draft, and shit, but lordy is it starting to become fun.

On the poetry front, I'm about thirteen away from the 30::30 and have eighteen or so days to go.

Some good stuff, some bad stuff,
some rough stuff, some fun stuff,
some horrible stuff, some ugly stuff,
some pruning stuff, some violent stuff,
some romantic stuff, some vulgar stuff,
some religious stuff, some irreligious stuff,
some cinquain stuff, some straight narrative stuff,
some quatrain stuff, some tercet stuff,
some horror stuff, some dramatic stuff,
some comical stuff, some stuff that might have a chance,
and others that don't have a chance in this hell.

That's all my time. The woodpile calls. The chainsaw wants my back today.

Monday, October 29, 2007

NP: Vicious Crusade - Capriccio in G-moll per violin

This song makes me see men in coats and ties,
shotguns up and out with gray breaths
hard into the November night.

Good band from Belarus.
Would love to buy something of theirs, but alas.

Still, pretty good stuff.
Just wish they had a distributer here in the states.
(Century Media? Anyone?)

Anyway, not much to say here for today.

Some poets are in town this week.
I guess that's something.

There's more wood out back to cut up for the winter.
I guess that's something, too.

The Dolphins are in trouble.
Major trouble.
Lots of folks deserve blame.
Ricky Williams and his happy camp and weed
can go rot in hell.

But they will be back within three years.
Three years.
But there ain't any guaranteeing that with pics of sexy cheerleaders.

Big Boy, Though?

It cannot hurt.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

RE: Dolphins and Giants




RE: Dolphins and Giants

I'm guaranteeing victory today.

1st Photo Courtesy:
2nd Photo courtesy of:

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Philip Bailey???

hahaha. . .

Buuut heeeee's ffwwwommm Deeennnnvweerrrr. ;'-(


Thatta boy, Holliday! It's a game again!

Dr. Gruesome's Movie Morgue

Dr. Gruesome's Movie Morgue came on this afternoon after a twelve-and-more years of hiatus. It was great to see Doc and Skeeter back on the air after such a long time.

I wrote to them back in the long ago, when I was *cough* thirteen/fourteen, *cough* and still have the letter in my desk telling me they'd be back in some form some day.

And an autographed picture. (woohoo!)

I didn't catch all of it (did you see the slate of games I mentioned earlier), so I don't know if they mentioned anything full-time, but it's making me nostalgic, even though the bits of the movie I saw were ho-hum.

They used to play some good shit back in the day.

If I looked hard enough, I could probably find a couple tapes from their shows--Friday the Thirteenths, Halloweens, Nightmare on Elm Streets.

The one where my brother and I wrote in for a little contest. His entry was read on air. Mine wasn't, but my P.S. of hitting Skeeter on the head with a hammer got thrown in at the end.

Too many flashbacks, now. Too many feelings for my youth.

Time to go and depart, and that's not redundant.

Sports Spetacular

Great games today:

WV @ Rutgers
Florida @ Georgia
Usc @ Oregon
Cal @ Az. State
South Carolina @ Tennessee
Ohio State @ Penn State
Boston @ Colorado

Go 'neers, gators, ducks, 'teers, nits, and rocks!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Night Frights

Last time-waster for today:

Damn good ghost video compilation.

Most I'd never seen. Some good goosepimple such-n-such here.

Long, though, for those on 56k and no second line. 22MB Long.

And very, very old.

But new to me.


Timewaster Fridays Presents:


A fun little game where you try to cause a chain reaction large enough to wipe out all the little dots.

Timewaster Fridays Presents:

Doo Dah Doo Doo


no words, just vid

From a show on Adult Swim, but I haven't had access to cable in a while, so I'm not sure times or nights; but I believe it's called the Tim and Eric Show. I caught the link on a blog and just passing it along to anyone out there that may be reading this.


"God Bless America". . .Still?


I can see New York singing it.
The attacks and all.
Washington, too.
If they ever field a contender.
Hell, Pennsylvania.
Go right ahead.

But Boston and Colorado?

Boyz II Fucking Men???

Do they even make new music anymore?

The last time I heard anything new from them my family and I were watching Lethal Weapon 3 in a crowded Dollar Theater outside Lynchburg, Virginia a decade ago.

I'm sure "Take Me Out" was at least hummed somewhere in Boston tonight, right?


It's nice to be patriotic, God blessing America is great and all, but what's more patriotic than the friggin' theme song to the friggin' American Pastime? Maybe it's a Yankee thing.


I'd rather watch Rosanne grab on her camel toe and spit than listen to a handful of douchebags butcher the Pastime's pastime of standing up in the split of the seventh and bellowing out like drunkards the chorus of the song that unites Americans--and has for generations.

The song served its purpose for the first year. Maybe the second.

But how many times are you gonna shuffle Ronan Tynan out onto the infield to give us his rendition before the people finally say Enough!

My Southern ass will gladly sing about cracker jack and counting out the number of strikes a batter gets before he's sucking pine. Maybe it's just me, maybe it's just history, but dammit, quit dicking about with the game and give us back out little chorus in peace.

It's almost as bad as all these jackholes getting up there and seeing how many retarded tremolos and vibratos they can fit into the Star Spangled before air support buzzes them out of sound. Even John Williams got into the act, but I think that had more to do with crappy placement of microphones than a messy cacophony composed by the master.

Sometimes I hope a teeny, tiny, itsy-bitsy laser-guided bomb is jangling loose upon approach with some of them.

For the anthem's sake and our own.

God bless us all.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Review: Critters (1986)

This Town's A Zoo.

Critters (1986) is the tale of eight escaped convicts (Krites (or Critters to the human race)), menacing razor-toothed furballs, who shoot poison-tipped quills from their bodies, who've come to Earth to feed on everything that moves, and the protagonists, the Brown family and two trigger-happy bounty hunters, who are placed in a race against time to cut the bastards down like kudzu before they devour the whole of the world.

Set in the tiny town of Grover's Bend, Kansas, where hard work, liquor, and bowling are the rewards of life, Critters comes to the viewer as almost standard Sci-fi thriller fare, especially now that two decades have come and gone, but there is such decent skill to the writing (while sometimes uneven) that it leaves one always on guard for the most opposite of emotions: Terror and Laughter.

Scream Queen Dee Wallace Stone headlines as Helen Brown, mother and wife and shotgun-wielding (albeit half-assedly) heroine, who tries to keep her family together even when all hell has broken loose. There to help and eventually lead in this war against the Krites is her smart-assed son, Brad (Scott Grimes), whose love of homemade explosives and comic relief takes the audience along for eighty minutes of enjoyable entertainment.

The writing is pretty good for the most part, especially the little bantering between Father (Billy Green Bush) and Son (Grimes), with some of the best material delivered by the hedgehog-looking furballs. My favorite being a short little exchange that I didn't catch as a kid, but sure as hell caught me off guard when viewing it the other night.

Having introduced themselves to the Browns, the critters have come for dinner in a frantic standoff on the front porch. After a quick exercise in tension (the house is locked and the family must fend off the little terrors as Brad races to unlock the door), the writers (possibly the director Stephen Herek, writer Dominic Muir, or Don Opper, who wrote additional scenes,) throw out this little exchange between two of the critters in subtitles:

Critter 1: They Have Weapons

Critter 2: So What

The shotgun appears in the doorway. Critter 2 explodes into a raspberry spot of goo.

Critter 1: Fuck!

For its age and budget, Critters employs above standard art direction, cinematography, and editing to provide a quick and painless eighty minutes at the movies. In comparison to other 80s films of this genre, one could easily see some "creative inspiration" being used as a model for some of the shots and lighting used, but it doesn't really distract from the entertainment one would expect from a movie like this.

Some of the highlights of the movie have to be M. Emmet Walsh (the great character actor) as Harv, the town's Sheriff, the swiftness of the film's action, the decent suspense, the facial replication scene, and the cheesiness of the song, "Power of the Night," which I swear to God was heard or seen at least a half-dozen times (if not a full dozen) during the movie.

In the end what really separates this from other sub-par movies of its era are all the breaks of humor that are scattered about the moments of tension.

The first time I saw Critters I was probably around ten, around the VHS release of the second one (maybe even before then), and this being the first time in nearly a decade of seeing it (picked it up at Amazon for $5.99 last month), I must say it held a few pleasant surprises. For the Halloween season, Critters comes as a good popcorn flick the whole family can enjoy.

For its Genre/Era/X: Great

Overall: Really Good

Rated: PG-13 for a little blood, guts, two kills, and one use of the word your mother hates most.

If they had left that one word out, I'm almost certain that the 80s raters would have leniently given it a PG rating.

I'm warped, though.


It amazes me how many names (big and small) have had a finger in this pudding of a series. Whether it being good casting/scouting/talent-searching/something else, I don't know, but here's just a sampling:

Dee Wallace Stone
M. Emmet Walsh
Billy Zane
Ethan Phillips
Mick Garris
David Twohy
Leonardo DiCaprio
Brad Dourif
Angela Bassett
Anne Ramsay
Scott Grimes

M. Emmet Walsh's picture courtesy of:

The Theatrical Trailer

It's Finally Feeling Like Fall

I hope it snows like it did in 2003 after the drought.

Of course, being Virginia it was nothing but ice and ice and sleet and ice and a tiny bit of snow.

I guess this means I'll have to work raking leaves into chopping wood, but it's good for the heart and good for the soul and good for everyone involved.

I hear King Diamond firing up in the other room asking if this is Heaven or Hell.

The organ's playing.

Gonna run for a bit.

To where the organ plays.


It's later than I thought.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Review Ratings

On all reviews there will be two ratings.

One based on the film's genre/era/x-factor.

One based on the film's overall ability. This means no matter how old or new, or whether it's from Sci-fi or Romantic comedy, the film is being rated as a film amongst every other film that has ever been made.

Ratings are as follows:

Meh (shit): 1 star on a 1-5 scale; 1-2 on a 10.
Okay (fair): 2 stars on a 1-5 scale; 3-4 on a 10.
Good (a somewhat inaccurate term to describe average-to-slightly-above-average film making, but whateva.): 3 stars on a 1-5 scale; 5-6 on a 10.
Great (great): 4 stars on a 1-5 scale; 7-8 on a 10.
Awesome (Godlike): 5 stars on a 1-5 scale; 9-10 on a 10 scale.


DVD Reviews Update!

Reviews will actually be a Thursday feature.

Maybe 1-3 will be posted on every Thursday.

This Thursday will feature Critters, the 1986 horror film starring Dee Wallace Stone and M. Emmet Walsh.

Upcoming reviews over the next month or so will feature tentatively:

Once Upon a Time In The West
Robocop 2
The Changeling
We Were Soldiers
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
The Church
Terror at the Opera
World Trade Center
among others.

100 Movies 100 Quotes 100 Numbers

Here is a very awesome compilation that anyone who enjoys movies (who doesn't, siersly?) will really like:

It's long but enjoyable. 56k beware, unless you're on a second line.

And old, but hey!

The vid:

The creator (with the list of movies appearing):

Midnight Posting

King Diamond's newest album took some time to grow on me, but it finally has settled in right behind The Puppet Master.

Not enough falsetto, mind you, but the guitar work here is pretty darn cool. Andy LaRocque is awesome as usual.

Much rambling later.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Just waiting for the chance

Computer went asshole this morning.
Boring day of babysitting it.
Wrapping Christmas gifts.
One toy to buy my newest nephew
and some ingredients for my special cookies
and I'm through with the holidays.
Work is coming soon.
2 pages of script and we're feeling fine today.
Tonight: NCIS, The Unit, and maybe Boston Legal, if it's on.
Then, Critters.
Sometime during or between a poem or two.
Now, the woodpile.
Then, supper and a scary vid.
If it's good and my computer survives the conversion,
I'll post it.
If not, then I won't.
I'm waiting for responses still a year out.
I'm too bashful to query.
Some places don't respond anymore, unless you're selected.
I've already rejected myself enough times for the both of us.
We devour.
We devour.
And later, a sleep of a thousand days.
Jibberish. Jibberish.
I'll drop a run of cinquains on your ass
so fast the barley weeps like wine.

No shit. . .

The Great Escape

Coming soon.

I can sense it.

I just hope wherever it is, it'll have a baaadassss name to flaunt about.

Like 413 Heaven's Peak, or 619 Hell's Narrow Bridge Road, or 111 StopattheMailboxTurnYourAssAroundOrGetYourShitShotUp Lane.

Or Second Street. Yeah, Second Street.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Coming Soon To This Blog Near You

DVD Reviews.
Tuesdays and Thursdays, tentatively.

Starting Thursday, DVD Reviews.

Giving this shit purpose. I'll be commenting on all sorts of angles of the features. Like: What's at stake? Character arc. The socio-economical impact of the film on the public at large. The literary impact on the viewer and the history of literature/entertainment.

First up: Critters.

Yeah, so I'm bullshitting about how I'm going to review.
It's pretty much going to be Roger Ebert meets Joe Bob Briggs and David Manning.

So, anyway: Critters.
Blast from the past and all that jank.
Being Halloween and everything.

Just for the kids and random people checking out my blog by googling random crap that just happens to come up with my little hamlet of nonsensical wonder.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

NP: Michael Nyman - A La Folie

It's Saturday! It's Saturday!

Florida @ Kentucky: Check.
Michigan @ Illinois: Check.
Cleveland @ Boston: Check.

Woohoo! Woohoo!

It's Saturday! It's Saturday!


Whitest Kids U'Know - Saturday

Whitest Kids U'Know

Friday, October 19, 2007

New Feature - Timewaster Fridays

I might as well form some purpose of this site's being. What better way to waste your time here than to actually waste your time (not that that deed isn't accomplished already)?

For this first installment, I'm going to suggest:


It's just a simple little board game:

"Pair up the colors and go! And not bad ambient music, either. How many can you match up before it gets too high?"

but it can be addicting as hell.

And it's old.

So, none of this welcome to 1985 BS talk.

It's just entertainment.
It's all we're left with now and then.
It should be all the guts of this fragile life.
But we could never allow that.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

NP: Michael Nyman - Dan

Some people loathe this composer?
Each person has someone who loathes him.

We just gotta watermelon-roll our asses out of the way sometimes.



Two Poems

"Swapped Meat" and "The Writer Haunted by This New Beginning" appear in the current issue of Brink Magazine. Charles Gershman and Cedrick Mendoza-Tolentino edit this journal. Credit goes out to them for resolving our little issue in such a quick, tidy, and professional manner. The issue looks great. Check them out.

NP: Morphine - Rope on Fire

Look at the clock. Look at the clock.
Make it to the car but the car won't start.
We try to move the car but there's no more time.
We'll have to climb a rope on fire.

-- Morphine

The sickness continues. This bug is hell. I'm beginning to think I'm pushing my body too much under its watch. I'm growing weaker and probably passed it on to a hundred people in town today. My bad.

Don't hate me--you'd do it, too.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

NP: King Diamond - Mirror Mirror


I silently follow the sound
Little footsteps are moving in the hall
With the candle still in my hand
I take a look at the mirror on the wall

I cannot see myself
I don’t even see the hallway that I’m in
I see a girl in a bloody dress
Standing in the cellar down below.

---King Diamond

Still sick, still woodworking, still scene building, still procrastinating otherwise.

I think I need to do another 30::30 (been almost a year now) between now and November 15.

Just to exercise.

Or exorcise.

I'm thinking half literary / half "magical" literary. (Yeah, so, okay--most of that latter bit's pretty much horror, but you know what I say to that?)


Various Links:

King Diamond, Give Me Your Soul. . .Please

Liam Lynch - The United States of Whatever


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

SP: Morphine - Rope on Fire

"Hand over hand up the lifeline,
luckily the knots stay tight.
Silhouettes of the two of us climbing,
climbing up a rope on fire."

--Mark Sandman (Morphine)

The sickness moves like a cautious snake.
First, it was the twinge of something in my throat.

The sinuses were next, coming and going during the days and nights,
until finally the fever. Hot and bitter, like Summer without end.
Five days coming and now I'm about out on my ass;

and the Indians warm up in the cages only an hour away.

:getting sicker:

Monday, October 15, 2007

NP: Morphine - Rope on Fire

"Only the two of us can disconnect the bomb.
Then save ourselves before the oxygen is gone.
I'll call for backup. You start to scream.
It's not the first time we've been in this dream."

Got a rejection from __ __ __ today. They probably thought their rejection was pretty Super Smooth, but ehh. . . I guess it was to say even the best of the best (and nobody hacks like the rest of us perhaps?) get rejected, but I found their brevity and vagueness to be somewhat of a letdown.

But they appreciated me for my interest, and I appreciate them for their time and consideration. And maybe one day, down, O, down on down the line, I'll show back up in their mailbox like a tiny Mike Tyson, all squeaking like a tiny mouse and wondering where all the money went, and beat an orgasmic hole into their collective literary tastes.

And take that form rejection with a little more grace.

But I'm actually happy they rejected the work, especially one of the poems, where I'd made an historically gawdawful and glaring mistake that perhaps only some folks would have gotten (children at heart and all that), but I'd never have let it go.

Seriously, to me, it was that bad of a mistake, and a tacked on, last minute, it needs this, kind of mistake that really burns the stubbiest of my short-hairs. Even though most would have looked right past it.

The poem, though, for now, in its current state, beyond the one BIG AZ BURGER of a mistake, was ready, but probably not for ____ __ __. Probably more for ___ ___ _ __ __ _______, but not ___ _ __, because it ain't got that Stove Top Stuffing some folks purr to.

O, it will go back out in November and we'll see how the leaves tremble.

Not many leaves in November?


Hmmm. . .
O, it's all coniferous then, baby.

All coniferous.

But this is a flower?

Yes. Yes, it is.

The Usage of "O" and __ __ __ and ___ ___ _ __ __ _______ and Big AZ Burger and Stove Top appear courtesy of LucasFilm, LTD.



He owns everything.

This song is awesome.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


I don't know if it's parity, but there have been some mighty good college games this year.

*Watches LSU-Kentucky*
*Pulls for Kentucky*
*Hopes all the top teams have a loss so we may once again argue purple-in-the-cheeks for a playoff system for the college level*

Nerd-ish Alert!

I grew up on Star Wars. When we got our first VCR (in 1986, I think, but you know how that goes), one of the first movies Dad bought was Return of the Jedi. We watched it so many times; Eek! The Cat, in fact, I think it's the one that broke from exhaustion.

Anyway, some dudes built a model of an X-Wing, complete with an R2D2 Unit. They set a date to launch it.

Long story short. . .Utter Destruction and Chaos.

Well, maybe not utter and maybe not chaos, but someone cusses as it blazes up. Woot!

This isn't the original video, but I find it funny given the material here. Maybe it's a fan thing.

NP: Merle Haggard - Mama Tried

Mama tried to raise me better, but her pleading I denied.
That leaves only me to blame 'cos Mama tried.

Friday, October 12, 2007

NP: Megadeth - Black Swan

I'm not going to ruin this little bit of peace I've got by letting a certain ex-sister-in-law ruin it.

The previous post is redacted, but my feelings are unwavering.

The school should be sued and sued gracefully.
She should be sued and imprisoned and sued gracefully.
I need to go watch the playoffs. Gracefully. Gracefully.

Go Indians? Seriously, WTF?

The Royals Got Robbed. . .

by about 40 games.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Hope you had a good birthday.

Screw your mom.

NP: Black Label Society - In This River

In this river all shall fade to black
In this river ain't no coming back
In this river all shall fade to black

Something Old / Something Fun

This is probably as old as God, but it's humorous and fun.

Have fun!

Big Boy does not approve.

"And The Black Snake Smiled for Mary"

"And The Black Snake Smiled For Mary," a poem, appears in the current issue (# 3) of Kaleidotrope: a zine. Fred Coppersmith is the editor. Check them out!

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the folks at Film Threat have done their part to bring attention to this horrendous disease.

Mom's had problems with hers over the years (nothing too too serious, or so she says, and I hope it never will turn into anything too too serious like cancer), so what better way to show awareness than to display the 50 BEST BREASTS IN MOVIE HISTORY.

I'm held hostage by a 56K, so these are either SFW or NSFW. Not sure. I'm pretty sure most are SFW, but maybe some are not NSFW. If Chesty Morgan is SFW, then probably most are SFW, and Chesty Morgan's is SFW.

Two Things:

1) Jenifer Tilly is about to turn 50?!?!?! Goddamn! Even wine doesn't hold up this well for Pete's sake. Maybe it's her voice. If only she'd read the phone book. Yowza!

2) Jennifer Connelly before she quit eating:

I've had a crush on her since the time her "screen" age was just a few years older than my "real" age. Plus, she made the awesome movie, Phenomena, with none other than Dario Argento! And her role was amazing in Requiem for a Dream. What a great film.

Pretty cool and a worthy cause!


Clay's B-Day

It's my little bud's birthday today (5, I think).
Hell, I don't keep up with my age anymore, but at any rate, yeah, stuff.

So, I'm just going to blog the hell out of it today.

Maybe I'll get my contributer copies for another publication in the mail today.

Maybe it won't immediately embarrass me.

I can't remember who said it, or exactly how he or she said it, but it is 100% truth:

"As soon as you publish a piece, forget about it. Because as soon as you start looking back at it, the more you start to doubt it."
--Some Dude (paraphrased)

Mary loves the quotes, reminders of the craft spattered about her door.
Glue stains about Ms. O'Connor and David Lee Roth,
where the eyes and the ears and the heart fold palms and adjure
to learn of the shape and the scope of the days and days to come.

Hell, it's probably on her old oak door as I type this.

Then again:
Maybe I made up having read it/seen it/remembering it/recalling it/and trying
to write it out above..
I can't remember.

I have early Alzheimer's.
Or something.
I think I've bled too much in my youth to sustain this.
I'm rambling again.
Google's giving me nothing on the quote.
But damn it, I think I read it somewhere.
Kooser's Book, perhaps?
I read a bit at work, when the books're used,
and no one's gonna jump my shit.
I didn't care $15 bucks worth for what I read.
Amazon's probably got it for like seven-plus-tax.
uhhh. . . .yep.
But I'm poor.
I'm cheap.
It's in the queue as I'm in the queue.


Big Boy is closer to 15--a year or two this way or that.
He, like I, cannot remember as well as we used to.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Two updates:

1) Looks like Static Movement has folded. That sucks.

2) Looks like Opium's old archives are no more. Kinda sucks. For all its character overruns and screwed spacing, I was so excited to see my words in digital print for the first time. Oh, well.

Onward and onward, I say. Onward and onward.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Why Do Tuesdays Beg For A Post?

Perhaps it's because we're now 0-5.

Perhaps it's because rejection comes
more often between
6AM Sunday - and - 3 AM Tuesday
than any other time of the week.

Perhaps it's because it's completely random.

I'll take the third option over any other.

Wrestle with it.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Script, II

Actually, it works better the other way so far.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Script

Dur. . .

I made the mistake of trying to break a mold, now suffering with the thoughts of rewriting the first act (which I designed to be more like the second act but at the same time being the first act, but now I realize the second act (which was more like the first act) needs to be the first act (because I'm better at writing argument/family strife than long expositions of two sets of folks telling each other how badly they want to kick each other's ass) and now needs to be set up as a flashback (and goddammit, I hate flashbacks) and I'm just barely getting to the turn of the "second" act (the first for those counting my bullshit).

It's my first in a decade, and even then I didn't know the fuck I was doing, so shush.

Hopefully, the whole revenge/justice/woo-hoo-a-whole-buncha-muthas-gettin'-splattered will begin momentarily. But it probably won't, and this'll probably end up an engrossing family drama, where babies dance as tulips in the end.

Do What?

I have no clue.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wedding, Whistling, Working (not)

Congrats, man! Hope this time it's much, much, much, much, much better.

Back home/Back to work. . .eventually.

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