Monday, January 26, 2009

Preposthumous Poetry & Stuffz: Work #9

"Gunfire in Richmond"

This is a Haiku I wrote last year precisely for a certain nameless publication. I got admonished because my haiku wasn't typical haiku and didn't fit a certain haiku standard of haiku-ness. Yeah, so, it has a f--king title. Boo, flackin', hoo. And it is my attempt to bring some 'Ku to the funk. Waaahh.

Thus, why I don't write for publication. I write, then seek its expansion.

Anyway, I think this is the best one yet. Quick and punchy and sweet. "The Best $40 Bucks" was awesome too, but ain't anybody watched it. Click on the "Prepost" link at the end and scroll down.

Details: Mark Holmberg kicks ass. He's like a grit-lit master of non-fiction journalism. The footage used is from a New Year's Eve story he did this past year for WTVR -Channel 6. The story is actually about a murder that took place, Jesus, fifteen years ago. Wasn't New Year's (and I don't think the baby lived) but it was the inspiration.

Music is one response from the chant "Amicus Meus." Shit is badass and will be used again (and soon). Made Public Domain by My theme is Telemann's Sonata for 2 violins released under CC 2.0 by MIT.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Preposthumous Poetry & Stuffz: Work #8


This is a poem I wrote as a one-off jot in the middle of the night two years ago as a part of a 30::30 exercise. Surprise, the two were fighting then too. A cinquain, it barely stands. As crappy photoshop/msn-art, it barely stands. Click the image to actually view it. I screwed up Israel's side by making it too richly in its royal blue. I like dark colors that don't transfer well. I saw this and didn't go back. The trade of rockets is embarrassing as well. I was gonna leave it as almost Morse Code dotting my little diagram, but got carried away. Weeee.


(CRAP.) Yeah, it didn't transfer well at all. Can't even read it.

Here it is, if you are interested. (I wouldn't be.)


Blue star
blinks his Morse Code
at the sliver of moon,
trading hate ever gurgling
from Hell.

Anyway, More "artier" shit next week (plus a post explaining/venting on why more "artier" shit's coming next week and beyond will appear shortly). Take care, wanderers.

Friday, January 16, 2009

"To Forget Is To Forgive"

"To Forget Is To Forgive," a poem, appears at Every Day Poets today. Big thanks again to the editors. Check them out and vote/comment, if you wish.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Preposthumous Poetry & Stuffz: Work #7

"A Motto" was just some random thought that popped in there. Being a play on humility, it does a lot to explain my personality. There isn't much to life if you can't just screw around from time to time. This is how I nyuck.

Music is Rondo in C. by Dietrich Ewald von Grotthuss as performed and interpreted by any and all of the following: Thomas Goff of England and Jacobus Verwolf of the Netherlands. But its "author" is Joan Benson. Released under CC 2.0-share-a-like. I used the first 20 seconds. And now you may too.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Four Poems

Bedside, Honeymoon, Peaks Of Otter, Fall, 1966, This Melody, and Whispers Just Below, four poems, appear in the 1st issue of Bird's Eye ReView. Amy George edits this new journal that looks like it's going places. Check them out!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Two Poems

The Rush of a Thousand Days to the Day and Thoughts On An Unpainted Canvas, two poems, appear in the current issue (2.3) of nimble: the literary journal. Travis E.. Taylor edits this wonderful online experience. Check them out!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Preposthumous Poetry & Stuffz: Work #6

Work #6 - "I Fail To Bleed"

Self-explanatory, sorta. It's about the inability to nude my most personal feelings/thoughts/stuff. I wrote it about two years ago. It's fitting for the 'nother year come and gone. In five days I'll find out if I'm one of the 27s, or if I'll make it to about sixty.

Intro music - Telemann - Sonata for 2 Violins MVMNT. 3 by MIT folks and dist. through CC lic. Main music is Brahms - Op. 39 - No. 3 by Martha Goldstein. Dist. through CC lic. 2.0

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