Thursday, October 8, 2009

"The Blackout"

"The Blackout" was selected as one of the five showcase pieces from the first annual S4C competition hosted by Declaration Editing. Much thanks to Vinnie Kinsella and Maureen Inouye.

Where'd HE GOOO??!!

Where'd who go?

I got employment.
Happy dance all around.
I got employment in a field I know nothing about.
Lulz dance all around.
Part one of the job (administrative) fell into place within six-to-seven days.
Part two (technical stuff) really started today. Injured posterior dance.
So, the hiatus on Preposthumous things will continue for the time being.
As far as work goes, I still have a few in the queue,
plus about thirty places still "considering" others.

I'll update more often soon.

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