Saturday, November 29, 2008

Preposthumous Poetry & Stuffz

I've decided to kill some my poetry and stories instead of letting the pieces die. So, looking back at some of my old crap, I saw a few "gems" *polished turds, if you will* that I figured could use a soft .22 to the head instead of the old 10-gauge sabot.

So, I figure, "art" being art, I'd make videos, mp3s, plain-frame photoshops, and other "art" out of the madness.

These aren't the greatest works of mine, though I may throw in some previously published pieces later, they're just crap that smelled more like a peony and made me think they were worth more than to die with a soft moan and a tremor of a flinch and the flash.

Weekly on Mondays, the series will primarily appear at with videos linked from Youtube, shops posted here, and audio being possibly rapidshare or some other means and appearing for download here.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Two Poems

"After A Fight" and "Halfway To Heaven" appear in 13 Miles From Cleveland. Read about halfway down the page and you'll find them. Joe Balaz edits this publication that blends good poetry with some pretty awesome artwork. Check It Out!

Subs and News

Subs are away. 52. Woohoo.

Soon I'm going to start a new feature here.

Called Pre-Posthumous (pronounced in the vain of preposterous) Poetry & Stuffz, I'm going to post some of my retired poetry and stuff in various forms (videos, spoken files, art, foto, etc.) .

Gonna be weekly starting December 1.

Gonna be fun(?)

Have a nice holiday.

I'll be back soon.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Two Poems

"A More Perfect Union" and "The New Nationalism" appear in the current issue of The Hiss Quarterly. The theme for this issue was "I Am The Walrus (koo koo ka-choo)" Sydney Nash publishes this wonderful online mag, which is going print next year! Check them out!

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